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Pineapple WoofNUT
Pineapple WoofNUT

Pineapple WoofNUT

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The home of the Pineapple WOOFnut

Did you know, pineapple helps puppies to stop eating their own faeces? They love the taste of it going in, but when it reacts with the enzymes in their tums, they hate the smell coming out! PAWfect!


We have a delectable peanut butter & pineapple biscuit base waiting to be woof'd down complete with a doggy chocolate pineapple flavoured pineapple.

Who doesn't love Peanut Butter right? Dogs certainly do! This is a peanuty woofnut with doggy chocolate pineapple flavoured pineapple and dashed in coconut is PAWfect for the most fussiest of dogs. 

Remember all of our products contain ZERO meat products or any product from an animal! 

All of our products are free from the following: 

Wheat, Grain, Gluten, Meat & Dairy. PAWfect for the most sensitive of tums! 

Suitable for puppies aged 8 weeks+ 

For any allergens please see our page in the footer labelled ALLERGENS & INGREDIENTS.