House Rules


  • NO fur baby that is in season or just out of season (we want everybody to be able to enjoy FrenchieFRENCHIE)


  • Please adhere to off-lead and on-lead zones.


  • Hoomans know their dogs better than anybody. If you think your fur baby will become aggressive in their behaviour around other pooches, then please don’t bring them along.


  • Please ensure all vaccinations are up to date.


  • Please ensure your pooch is healthy and not showing any signs of an illness.


  • Please ensure your fur baby isn’t suffering or recently contracted Kennel Cough.


  • Please ensure your fur baby has been flea’d & wormed to help minimise the risk of spreading the little critters.


  • If your fur baby does become aggressive towards other dogs at FrenchieFRENCHIE you may be asked to leave or step outside until they have calmed down.


  • If you feel you have an anxious dog, then please use your discretion on whether this café will be suitable. You can alert a team member and we’ll try to accommodate this the best we can.


  • If you wanted to try your pooch at a quieter time, then please just give us a call and we’ll let you know what time is best.


  • The golden rule of rules if your beloved fur baby does a cheeky number 2 then please use the provided poo bags to collect your gift.


  • Most important rule of all, HAVE FUN 


On-Lead Zone


Any size dog (although they have to be friendly) is allowed in our on-lead zone downstairs. This is where the bakery will be and the Pawsecco bar will be located.


Off-Lead Zone


This area is restricted to smaller breeds such as French Bulldogs, Pugs, Chihuahua, Dachshund etc 


If you’re unsure if you’re doggo is allowed to the off-lead zone, then please ask a team member.

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