Who the woof are we?

Welcome to FrenchieFRENCHIE! The UK's FIRST permanent Dog Cafe (with a twist)​
Our concept is becoming a reality all because of one tiny little BATPIG!
We loved the idea of being able to take our little snorter to a cafe and one that wasn't just travelling, but we couldn't find one that had what we were after.​              
After months of deliberation and planning we finally decided to open something that all your little woofers will love, and their human counterparts of course!
We've created more than just a cafe, coffee shop or Doggy hang out. We've created an experience which not only gives our babies of all shapes and sizes a place to go but for us owners alike.
We have the UK's first permanent PAWsecco & ChamPAWs bar fully stocked with beverages of all kinds including: Puppachinos, PAWsecco, ChamPAWS, Herbal Tea's, Doggy Hot Chocolate and more.
We didn't just stop at drinks. We've created the first UK walk in Doggy Bakery!! Yes that's right, a bakery JUST for the pooches. Filled with Woofins, Cakes, Doggy Donuts, Popcorn and more. All hand made, all ready to fill their (not so) tiny bellies.
We are welcoming all fur breeds and sizes to our bakery so please don't feel left out 🐾
Amongst the above there is a dedicated play area with ball pit & soft toys however this is restricted to smaller/medium breeds due to sizing constraints.
We've created a unique selfie station that will be stocked with props and the perfect backdrop to top off your day! 
We haven't forgot humans don't worry, we'll be serving the best in terms of coffee's with a twist, milkshakes, and a range of different treats for you to enjoy along with it!
We hope you all love our idea and we can't wait to see you there!
We are welcoming of any breed shape or size but please be aware that due to the small nature of our premises the larger breed will be restricted to our bakery area on the ground floor ❤️ 🐶
All our love,​
The FrenchieFRENCHIE Team