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Light Blue Tartan Harness

Light Blue Tartan Harness

Frenchie Frenchie
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We've launched a whole new range of colours and patterns in our tartan range! 

This one is perfectly suited for the summer, baby blue tartan! Any dog, boy or girl would look woofing amazing in this.

 With a range of sizes to suit all breed & sizes you'll be sure to look the part walking your doggo down at the local park.

The harnesses are all hand made and we do our best to ensure they're delivered as quickly as possible.

SIZING GUIDE - Please measure your dogs neck circumference for the appropriate size below:

Extra Small - Neck size upto 23cm - Small Toy Dog (e.g Chihuahua, Pomeranian ) 

Small - Neck size upto 28cm - Toy Dog (Chihuahua Cross, 

Medium - Neck size upto 33cm - Small Dog (e.g Westie, Shitzu, Small French Bulldog)

Large - Neck size upto 40cm - Small/Medium Dog (e.g Cockerpoo, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Spaniel, Large French Bulldog)

Extra Large - Neck size upto 45cm -Large Dog (e.g English Bulldog, Dalmation, Poodle )

Extra Extra Large - Neck size upto 50cm - Large/Extra Large Dog (Labrador, Dog de Bordeux)

IMPORTANT | If you have a bull breed I.E French Bulldog, English Bulldog then please order the next size up to be able to fit their head through the harness.

The lead delivery time on these is 5-7 working days.